Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Project Planning, Research & Initiation

Every project undertaken by SouthRidge receives thorough and accurate planning, including:

  • Research of local and regional data including offset drilling records, bit records, rock strength analyses, mud reports, open-hole logs, etc.
  • Offset pressure analysis for well control, casing design and groundwater protection
  • Calculation of basic Hydrogen Sulphide release rates, if required
  • Identify operational risks & mitigation strategies
  • Analyze & optimize wellbore geometry
  • Develop Directional Plan, if required
  • Prepare Time and Cost Estimates including Client AFE's
  • Interact with the Client’s Land Department or Agent
  • Interact with Surveyor during initial site visit
  • Survey preparation including coordination with Construction & Environmental services
  • Prepare & submit Licence Applications to regulatory bodies
  • Review client well files, offset data, etc. for work-over planning
  • Participate in ERP development
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